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One weekend. Two days. Two projects

This Weekend is gonna be epic. Mister KingHerring started with the #Grindcation movement and has found a few fans. If you don’t know what Grindcation is all about, then watch his announcement:

Inspired by that I will start my my own Grindcation this weekend. For now without streaming, but maybe I can convince myself later for that. These two projects are on my agenda:

  • Fully free STM32 based logic analyzer

  • ESP32 and Arduino based quadruped robot

Logic Analyzer

bluepill microcontroller

The first project will be a fully free logic analyzer. This will be based on the “bluepill” microcontroller aka the STM32F103C8. For the frontend sigrok and its signal analyzer PulseView will be used [1].

The firmware will use the extended SUMP protocol[2, 3], which is already used in quite a few projects. To temporarily save the samples on the microcontroller a 1024kBit SRAM will be used. The 23LC1024 from microchip[4]. As programming framework I will use libopencm3[5]. For the initial prototype I will focus on one channel only, but I hope to get four channels working by the end of this weekend.

Quadruped Robot

quadruped image

The second project will be a quadruped robot, which is almost done printing. Goal for this is to have basic translations and rotations working and then implement a basic walking routine. Probably the creep-walk which has a nice documentation in one Makezine article[6]. I had already implemented the basics sometime ago, but never really got a clean walking. Now that my robot foundation should be powerful enough this should be doable.

I also have made a simple baseboard once which will be used for this. It is basically just a holder for the ESP32 with pins for the 12 servos.

baseboard image